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A groundbreaking automotive leader excels not just in sales but also in reshaping customer experiences. Their dedication reflects in personalized service and innovative data analytics. Navigating enterprise intricacies, they exhibit resilience, staying ahead with trends, sustainability, and digital evolution. Seeking a mobile app, aiming to bolster sales-customer communication, highlights their commitment to advancement.


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The Challenge

The adage ʻKnowledge is powerʼ proves clearly true for car dealerships across the United States. The power of the enterprise mobile application in the palm of their hands, can clearly, improve revenue for dealerships. Product knowledge plays a critical role in the life of a car salesman when they are trying to sell a car to a customer. “App provides an interactive environment that bestows sufficient details about the model that they are trying to sell among others. The app also acts as a common collaborative platform for the company, its departments, and teams. Volumes of data, sales information, and other internal CRM aspects are easily managed through the app.”

What did
Intronsoft do

A customized mobile app solution was derived to help the sales representative understand cars through graphical representations, videos, and photos of the inventory that prominently highlighted its features. The app also facilitated in acquiring relevant information that would interest the consumer, which would, in turn, lead to greater customer connection and more conversions. Messaging and notification facilities were also embedded into the app so that the representatives would receive timely updates where necessary.




The Roster feature aims at improving accountability and automating sales operations. It also intends to increase productivity by providing real-time updates about the activities of the sales rep to help them improvise where required. The list of active members involved in a live sales pitch is displayed on the app. Additionally, the feature also helps managers allocate customers to the sales team and take up emergent tasks in the absence of another scheduled appointment. Proposed targets, team stats and ranking of sales reps according to sales generated are also displayed.

Six dimensions

The salesperson is provided with a graphical representation of six dimensions of a particular vehicle. Unique elements of the four-wheel drive are covered by the app with views of the sides, front, rear, top and the bottom. The app also comprehensively displays the engineering and design of the car along with its dimensions. Basically, six attributes of an automobile namely brand, safety, performance, comfort, technology, trim and specifications of the vehicle are covered.

VIN Scanning

The VIN or Vehicle Identification number of a car is its fingerprint. Every information pertaining to the automobile is stored in it. With the 17-digit VIN number, the sales representative can easily navigate to the summary and purchase history of the car. The ʻAdvanced Searchʼ tab provides additional details such as its model, the year it was manufactured, the style, etc., with which he can also source more details faster.


The app allows the salesperson to provide a detailed comparison and analysis of the chosen automobiles. The specifications, safety, technology, trim, and branding are all evaluated to provide an interpretation based on which the efficacy of a particular feature can be matched with the consumersʼ requirements.

Fuel iQ

A unique inbuilt calculator in the app provides information about the fuel efficiency and consumption of each vehicle. It also provides a plotted view of a map with the distance covered by the car when full tank.

Representative Performance Analysis & Feedback: Depending on the sales closed and the points earned, the representative is provided with an auto-generated rank. This helps reps achieve their targets if they are short for a particular period. At the same time, it also evaluates the training needs of an employee through a comprehensive analysis of their specific areas of improvement.

Status updates and messages: The appʼs assistive technology helps the sales reps record status updates through their mobile devices. Notifications can be sent directly to the managers for action.

The Results

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