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Client’s Enterprise Mobility App streamlines contracting operations, integrating project management, scheduling, and solutions for efficient field operations. It ensures compliance, enables swift response to business needs, and enhances customer management, offering agents an all-inclusive system for optimized workflows.

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The Challenge

Small Scale contracting firms across the United States rely on advertising their business listings in local directories and online classifieds. They schedule appointments based on enquiries received from customers who refer to such sources. The contractors then execute their tasks by personally visiting the customer premises at a scheduled time and date to complete it. While this process was completely understandable for small-time contractors with minimal turnovers, the medium-to-large-sized contracting firms and even conscientious smaller contractors with streamlined processes and programs found it extremely difficult to correlate with erratic work schedules and task allocations. This challenge gave birth to this innovative app, where work schedules, service requests and task management is drastically simplified. A one-stop solution for agents was derived. A track and trace facility are also in-built to pursue the agents’ activities and task completion.

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The contracting business needed an app that would help them schedule their work according to agent attendance and skill and also execute the project within the timeframe requested by the customer. An intelligent scheduler mapped the appointments and schedules vs. skill sets and agent availability. A contingency was lined up internally when the allocated agent was not able to service the customer due to an emergency. The agents, customers and the stakeholders in the enterprise were also interlinked, thus allowing the contracting business to stay in touch with all the points within the process, constantly.


One of the most useful and important parts of this app is the Docket view. All the services for a particular agent are listed right here. While the tasks are scheduled based on customer requests, the tracking and monitoring element informs the agent the exact time that they have depart from their existing location to close their appointments on time. A map displays the service address and provides on-road agents the shortest route to their destination. Details pertaining to the customer, their address, phone number, etc., are available on the docket itself. Updates to the system appear on the server automatically and instantly get reflected on the mobile app. If an agent has not departed from a specific location, the headers change colors and reminders are issued with alerts so that the agent can exit the current location to service the customer’s location.


Time management is a principal factor that has the ability to drive operations, reliably. This only ensures agents’ productivity while utilizing time effectively for mutually beneficial activities. The app also went a step further by making provisions for calculating the productive hours of operations to raise invoices accordingly. Additionally, the timecards will automatically record an agents’ arrival at a customers’ place, the number of hours spent to complete the work, and the time when the task was completed. This then translates into the agents’ final work period which is also mapped against the pay period. Comments, descriptive notes and additional shift times can also be added into the timecard, manually.

Easy Invoicing

Contractor invoicing primarily depends upon the number of hours spent at the customers’ location for a particular project. Based on every utility and equipment utilized to render services, the invoices for a task are auto-generated which will also include the pricing along with any hidden costs that would otherwise be go unnoticed. This way, the hard copy of the invoice can be signed by the agent at the end of the day to be sent to the relevant authority. For on-spot ad-hoc works, the agents can also add the pricing for the additional tasks.

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