Building a complete mobile solution for attaining cashback solutions

about the client

Client’s app offers cashback on purchases, targeting niche e-commerce space. Free membership, referral commissions, multiple store offerings. Users get paid to shop, receive rebates with a click, ensuring safe online transactions.

The Challenge

While online e-commerce seems to be picking at faster than lightning paces, there are seldom shoppers who would choose products beyond a specific pricing line.

“Our client shatters the myths of stereotypical shopping trends by encouraging customers to reach out to products that are usually ‘out of reach’. The app is meant to reinstate confidence in the average consumers’ buying power by sharing a commission on each Cash Back.”

Additionally, there was also a need to break the monopolistic mold of cash back arenas, considered as a niche market, where the ropes of the industry are vested in the hands of very few players.

What did
Intronsoft do

On charity

A complete review of the engagement, analysis, quality of information, and other aspects was performed to examine the viability of the technology. Several pre-defined methodologies along with third-party systemsʼ integration that would lead to behavioural changes were also evaluated. Reliabilities pertaining to instant notifications along with data synchronization were analysed as well.

Analyzing technical possibilities

Currently there are about 50 to 100 affiliates registered on the app so that users can benefit from innumerable discounts. Affiliates are constantly updated to better the value of discounts.

Empathetic approach

An empathetic software development approach is the very source to understanding emotional engagement. We disguised the ownership of the assignment so that the customer could place confidence and our team proffered dedication to the work, thus providing improved results.

Cloud Infra-Structure Support

We have in-house experts for supporting and maintaining the entire application that is hosted on the Cloud network for global access.

The Results

The technology that we use to support Bux180


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